Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quilt Show Fun!

This morning I went to a local quilt show with two friends. The quilts were spectacular, the company was fun, and I won stuff!

The day started off with taking pictures of a quilt my friend and I made as a gift for a guest teacher who will be coming to our church:

Then when we arrived at the quilt show, we found that one of the guilds was having a drawing for 20 prizes. To enter was $3.00 for 25 tickets, which you could then bid on any of the 20 prizes. I especially wanted the ruler/quilting glove prize, and the book prize, so I put extra tickets down on those.

Well guess what, I won both prizes! You can see my loot below:

The second picture is of things I purchased, all good deals of course. I especially like the wooden quilt earrings. I spoke to the gentleman who painstaking makes them by cutting these tiny pieces and told him he should open a shop on Etsy because there are lots of quilters who would love his work. He makes many other quilting designs in wood too, like pins, necklaces, coasters, boxes, ornaments, etc.

My favorite moment of the show (along with winning) was buying from an Indian vendor whose family has made hand batiked and vegetable dyed cotton for 30 years. When I asked if she took credit cards, she replied without hesitation, "you can send me a check." How trusting and sweet is that! Her fabrics are exquisite, and you will be seeing a bag made from some of them soon.

The Hoffman Doll Challenge was being displayed too. Here are some pictures from the show:


  1. WOW! Congrats on your wins :) Great purchases and looks like you saw some amazing items!

  2. Beautiful creations! Sounds like a perfect day!