Monday, October 19, 2009

1000 Pyramids

Lately, I've been working on a 1000 Pyramid quilt. This is what it looks like so far.

This is one of those patterns I've wanted to try for a long time. Since my new die cutter cuts accurate isosceles triangles, it seemed a good time to try this project. Plus, it allows me to use some of those scraps I've been saving over the years.

There aren't necessarily 1000 blocks in this quilt, it just feels that way. This quilt pattern goes by many other names, such as "Joseph's Coat", and "Pyramids and Triangles," to name a couple.

Though a very simple tessellation, I find the pattern fascinating. There are a number of variations of setting the blocks, here are a few:

Set bottom to bottom, this setting is often called "Tumbler."

This next one is called "lightning" because of the zigzag effect.

By searching the web, I found that there are many ways to sew the blocks together as well.
Of course you can sew rows straight across, and then join the rows. You can also make larger triangles as pictured below and then sew those units together. Or you can sew the rows on a diagonal, which is what I've chosen for my quilt.

I enjoy the fact that the individual triangles also make up ever larger triangles like this. By placing the dark triangles pointing in one direction, and the lighter triangles in the other, you can readily see the triangle within the triangle shapes. I separated my scraps into light, medium, and dark piles and then paired them with the darker of the two pointing up and the lighter down. Sometimes a medium served as a dark, other times a light, depending on what it was paired with. Occasionally I would flip a fabric to the backside if a lighter scrap was needed.

Once I figured out how to piece the blocks, it became one of those mindless, repetitive sewing tasks that I find relaxing.

Like most quilters, I have several projects going at once. The 1000 pyramids is the one I reach for when my brain is too tired to tackle anything else, but my hands want to keep busy.

I'll post pictures of the finished quilt... but be warned, it may be awhile.


  1. It looks terrific and the possibilities are endless. This is one that I also have been wanting to try.

  2. What I find really cool about the 1000 pyramid quilt is when it is all done- all the optical illusions of so many pyramids. I am actually starting one now. It will be my mindless sewing one. Now I have to go hunt around your blog to see if you finished it. I see this post was from last year.

  3. Scrap Quilt Legend

    There is even an old tradition surrounding scrap quilts (kind of like a urban legend!). Apparently if you make a quilt out of 1000 pieces of fabric, with no two being the same then the quilt is “charmed” and any dreams to be had while sleeping under the quilt will come true.