Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A New Toy, and a New Adventure!

I have a new toy, and am off on a new adventure. So it is fitting that I start a new blog as well.

I was frustrated with several (okay 3) blogs I started through my website hosting service. I am just not that computer savvy. I can make my way around, but code is not poetry to me, more like a foreign language!

Blogger is just right. It is easy to set up and customize.

Back to my new toy: TaDa! I bought a Go Cutter for die-cutting fabric. I plan to have lots of fun making quilts with it, and also in making kits and pre-cuts for my next venture - an online fabric shop.

If all goes well, the new shop, Fabric Fascination, is scheduled to open sometime in January of 2010. I plan to carry my favorite designer's fabrics, lots of batiks, and quilting solids in some of those beautiful shades of Kona cotton. I would also like to offer quilt kits, and die-cuts in many shapes for building your own block designs.

I am concentrating on those things I look for in an online quilting shop - fair prices, low shipping cost, and great fabric. Lots of work ahead, but I am looking forward to the challenge!

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