Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gift Crafting for Christmas - Last Minute Gifts

Less than a week before Christmas, and some of us are still rushing about for last minute gifts to give.  Here are a few ideas ladies in our knitting group came up with.

Hand paint an ornament.  Sarah gifted lovely glass ornaments with personalized images of a sheep, a cat, and a bowl of yarn.  She included each of our names on the back, the name of our knitting group, and the year.

Knit tiny socks as tree ornaments.  These turned out pretty cute, plus they used up scrap yarn from my stash.

Finally, my daughter made some really fun gifts by wrapping small items in a new ball of yarn.  She included the ball band so that we knew the yardage and composition of the yarn.  We had to knit through the ball to get to the gifts (which turned out to be personalized sew in labels and cute stitch markers). 

It's not to late to make those last minute holiday gifts for your friends and family. 

Christmas Countdown, a few days to go....
Happy Crafting!

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