Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gift Crafting for Christmas - Stocking Stuffers

The time crunch is on, only one month until Christmas.  Here are a few gift ideas to make quickly, and stuff in someone special's stocking this holiday.  Three of these patterns are free, one is from a book you can probably find in your library (local or online), and one I made up myself.

I made a couple of these little tea toters by Julie Tarsha for my daughter and I to carry our tea to work.  They really come in handy, and are sure to be a hit with any tea drinkers on your list.

 Speaking of tea, lets not forget the coffee drinkers.  Knit (and crocheted) coffee sleeves are available in many designs.  I got this pattern from my library.  It is in Joelle Hoverson's book - More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Fingerless mitts are easy to make, don't take a lot of yarn, and come in lots of designs.  This pattern is available from Courtney Spainhower on Ravelry. 

 How about a faux beaded necklace in self striping yarn.  This one is done in pretty spring colors, but you could choose color to match the current season.  The pattern is by Susan Mills.

Lastly, how about boot toppers for your favorite fashionista.  There are lots of styles to choose from.  I crocheted these with a pattern I made up myself.

Christmas Countdown, one month to go....
Happy Crafting!

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