Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Look What I Found!

We are renovating our guest room into my craft/sewing room, and vice versa, which mean taking everything out of both rooms, spackling, sanding, painting, installing electrical plugs, molding, and lighting fixtures, and then putting everything back into the rooms.  Since my crafting/sewing room is going to be a little smaller, and I have been meaning to go through all my supplies for a long time, this was the perfect time to weed it out, give stuff away, sell destash, and put things in order.

One carload of stuff went to a local special ed teacher who was just as blessed to receive them as I was to have them put to good use. A few items I gave away on Etsy for the price of postage (destash magazines), and a few items I will sell.  I think these finds fit in that category.
Two of the thimbles are sterling silver and have lovely ornate designs.  I would wear them myself, but they are too small.  The sewing box items may not be usable, but make a nice sewing room decoration I think. If you are interested in these items, they will be for sale in my fabric shop under vintage soon.

Sew Much Fun!

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  1. Wow neat sewing box! Good luck with the renovations!