Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Sampler Block #6 - Double X

This afternoon is the first I've sewn in a number of days, and boy did it feel good!
 I chose a simple block from a pamphlet I had from Accuquilt.  The block takes just three fabrics, a dark, a medium, and a light.  You will only need one die - the Half Square 3" Finished Triangle (55009) and the 5" x 10" cutting mat. 

If you are making the block using a rotary cutter, cut 3 squares of each fabric at 3 3/8" and then cut them them on the diagonal to make 6 half square triangles of each.

Basically you are going to sew the blocks in three combinations - dark/medium, dark/light, medium/light.

Tip: When I finish a row, instead of pulling it out, or sewing onto a thread bunny, I add a strip to my Chinese Quilt row in progress.  By doing this whenever I sew, I now have almost enough rows to put together a quilt.  I keep a bin on the floor with scrappy pieces of fabric, and just grab one randomly to add to the row.

Back to our sample block, press each square toward the darker fabric.
 Then lay the squares out in three rows as pictured.

One way to sew the block together is to flip the middle vertical row over onto the first row and chain stitch them together.  Then open it up and flip the 3rd vertical row onto the middle row and chain stitch that. 

Finally sew the three rows together.  You already have them joined in the correct position.  Be sure to butt the seams going in opposite directions to lock in a perfect point.  I use one pin in each seam.

Press all in the same direction, and voila - a simple and attractive block to add to our sampler.

Renovation Update: My sewing room is coming to order.  I still have to find places for some items.  We have only the rest of today and tomorrow morning to get the guest room ready for my Mom's visit.  Yikes!

Happy Sewing ♥

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