Saturday, May 15, 2010

C'est la Vie

The good news is, we have a new set of placemats for our dining room.

The bad news is, I don't have a new set of placemats to list in my kimbuktu shop.

Here's what happened. 

I was excited to be finishing up a set of mats that have been in the works for awhile.  They are made with beautiful batik charm squares, hand dyed edging, and I was really happy with the way they were turning out.  So I finished the last of the quilting and was giving them a press with my iron before taking pictures and listing them, when I noticed something odd in one of the blocks.  Was that frayed fabric?  I couldn't believe it.  Somehow I had missed seeing it during the whole sewing process, and I even had my glasses on!

There really is no way to fix it short of taking that mat apart and replacing the square, which is way too much work at this point.

So back to the good news, with a little fray check, we have a new set of placemats. C'est la Vie!

Happy Sewing ♥


  1. Sounds like something I would do, Kym. LOL The placemats are beautiful...I'm sure you will enjoy using them. : )

  2. That's the kind of accident I like. They obviously wanted to stay with you!