Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Had a Brainstorm

Or maybe just an afternoon shower :o)

Anyway, this is how my mind works sometimes - I sat down at my sewing machine to sew the binding for my latest quilt, and noticed that I needed a darker thread.  So I went to my craft room, found a brown thread, and then decided that I might as well wind a bobbin on my sidewinder with the darker thread. As that was winding, I noticed how messy my thread collection was getting, thread ends unwinding and tangling together everywhere.  Where was that special plastic tape I had bought awhile back to try and correct that problem?  Once I found the tape, I discovered that it was too big, and would need to be cut down to fit the spools of thread.  So I cut it down (pinking looked nice) and wrapped a spool or two.  Looked good, worked well, but was hard to see where the tape began.  What if I stamped an image on one end ....Long story short, hours later I had a new notion for my fabric store.

I didn't remember the quilt binding until I happened upon my sewing machine later, still with its little light on, patiently waiting.

Seriously though, I will be giving three of these nifty thread tamers away with every order from Fabric Fascination.  They can also be purchased in packs of twelve from my shop.  And incidentally, this is item number 50 for my new shop!


  1. that is a terrific idea. I bought some of that tape and have used it for my rayon embroidery threads. They can really create a mess otherwise.