Friday, June 19, 2015

Gift Crafting for Christmas - Placemats, Dishtowels, and Washcloths

We are half way round the year already.  Can you believe it?  How are you doing on your Christmas crafting?

Here are some simple ideas for gifts.  Some take less than an hour

What kitchen wouldn't benefit from a dishtowel?

As you can see, this coordinates with the dishcloths shown above.  They were a gift for my daughter's kitchen.

Placemats take a little longer, but are worth the effort in my opinion.

Make sure you follow the patterns directions on what size to make.  Even though they may look big while you are knitting them, being cotton, they shrink quite a bit.  You don't want all that knitting time to go to waste by ending up with placemats that are too small.  (If that does happen, you can always use them for hot mats).

Here is the start of a set of 5 dishcloths that are on my needles this month.

 Happy Crafting♥

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