Monday, April 6, 2015

Another Recycled Coffee Can Idea

Awhile back, I posted a tutorial on knitting a cozy and using a Folger's plastic coffee canister to make a knitting bowl. It is a handy size for a small project, and can be tucked inside your purse or suitcase for travel knitting.

While planning a birthday gift for a member of our local knitting group, I revisited the idea from a different angle.  This time I used purchased rhinestones, glitter letters, and duct tape to decorate the canister.

Unfortunately, I did not photograph the process, but here are the basic steps:

  • Purchase glitter letter, rhinestones, super glue, and a sheet of duct tape from your local hobby store.  I used black and silver embellishments to compliment the red of the canister, but many other options are available.
  • Peel off label, and wash and dry canisters.  You may need to use vinegar or lemon juice to get rid of any lingering coffee smell.
  • Cut sheet of duct tape in pieces to cover lid, and any lingering adhesive strip from the can label.  I used a circle cutter to cut the piece for the lid, but you could trace the size on paper, and then cut with regular scissors too.
  • If desired, punch a hole through the lid for yarn to feed through.
  • Add lettering of your choice.  It could be a personalized message, a favorite saying, or simply the words "knit" and "purl."  You may have to use super glue if you choose raised cardboard lettering as I did.
  • Add rhinestones to lettering and duct tape design for flair.  Of course you could also add other stickers, or cover the whole can with duct tape or adhesive fabric.  The possibilities are endless.

 I am thinking of adding to the gift by embellishing a black 3 ring binder in a coordinating design, and including vinyl sleeves for her knitting patterns inside.

Happy Crafting♥

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