Monday, March 30, 2015

Gift Crafting for Next Christmas - Hats

Hats are probably my favorite quick knitting project.  They can be mindless stockinette or garter stitch, more complicated with lace and cables, or colorwork patterns.  They can be slouchy, beanie style, tams, or cloches.  And because of their stretchy nature,  one size will fit most heads.  This makes them great for gift giving.

Here are a few recent projects from my needles.

Patterns (top left to bottom right): Cable Rouge, Molly, Sockhead Hat, Graham, Rikke Hat, Wurm, Christian's Hat, Man's Hound's Tooth Hat.  With the exception of the Man's Hound's Tooth Hat, all are free patterns on Ravelry.

Lastly, this is the hat currently on my needles:

It is a colorwork hat by Maria Montzka called Södermalm.

Only 9 months until Christmas.
Let's get crafting♥

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  1. some lovely hats there! I've yet to make up a hat - I do like the look of the hounds tooth for one of my boys though! I got bitten by the knitting buy last year having not picked up needles for 25yrs & having extremely basic skills ....... but I'm learning & Rav is a great place for that!