Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I started two new knitting projects this week.  The first is a cabled bracelet for my eldest grand, who just graduated from 8th grade.   A nice small project, that was a bit challenging since it was my first time making cables.  The join is not pretty, but other than that, I am pleased with the results.  (I hope my grand is too).
The second project is a knit tie for my son.  I started with this pattern, (which I love), but is really beyond my current knitting capabilities.  Now I am just winging it, and have no idea whether it will work out or not.  I've started this over at least five times.  Does anyone know of a simple mens knit tie pattern?

On the quilting front, I put the finishing touches on a quilt for a baby shower this last Saturday.

The garden was calling this week, so the rest of my free time was spent outside.  My son and I began a landscaping project, which hopefully will be done soon.
So, what have you been up to this week?  I would love to hear.

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  1. A knitted bracelet and tie...how creative!
    And the quilt is beautiful...love the colors!

  2. The baby quilt looks lovely!

  3. I can offer no help on the knitting projects (I know the difference between knit and purl but that is about it!) I love the baby quilt though!!

  4. The first time I tried my hand at cables, it was a disaster! Maybe a bracelet is the way to go. Also, that baby shower quilt is ADORABLE! Did you follow a pattern?

    1. Yes, the quilt is from a free Robert Kaufman pattern "Barn Babies." You can get it here: