Friday, June 1, 2012

Freestyle Quilting

Here's a short tutorial video of some freestyle quilting I did on the FlyAway Baby Quilt.  You don't have to have a longarm or special sewing machine to do freestyle quilting.  Most regular home machines work fine.

I do suggest an open style foot, most brands offer a quilting foot that either comes with the machine or can be purchased separately.  I also highly recommend using quilter's gloves.  They make moving the fabric on the sewing machine bed much easier.  Lowering the feed dogs helps too.

My main purpose in recording this video is to show how easily this style of quilting can be done.  I apologize for the amateur quality of the film.  My husband took it over my shoulder with our little Canon.  We only had a small memory card, so the video ends rather abruptly.  Also, it sounds as if I have a speech impediment, which I never realized before.

Happy Quilting ♥

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