Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Block of the Month #6 - Reversible Stroller Quilt

If you saw last month's project for the block of the month blocks, you may notice that I am on a grey kick. This reversible stroller or carseat quilt  uses six windmill blocks in solid cotton konas and bella solids.  The main body of the quilt is in grey, and there are six windmill blocks in solid colors from light yellow to pomegranate red.  It is 36" square, (a handy size for travel, or to stick in a diaper bag) and works up quickly.

Follow the instructions to make six windmill blocks.  Join three of the blocks together in a strip.  Then add a solid piece of the background fabric 36 1/2" by 24 1/2" to the long side of the three joined squares.

Make Two (using different colors for the windmill blocks)

Repeat these steps for side two.

Sandwich batting between the two quilt layers, putting the windmill block opposite of each other.  


I had fun with the quilting.  First I outlined the windmill blocks on both sides of the quilt.  Then I joined the quilting lines in the middle third of the quilt with a ruler and chalk and stitched a chevron pattern.  I used a walking foot and a long stitch, so it didn't take long.
To finish, bind with a patterned fashion fabric.  I used a an organic cotton in strawberry.

I love that the quilt is reversible, fits a stroller or car seat perfectly, and has a clean, modern appeal.  

Happy Quilting ♥


  1. This is so cute! I love that it's not all baby-cutesy and that the child can use it for longer in life :)

  2. I love tthis stroller quilt. It has been very helpful in planning one I am going to make. Especially like the asymmetric design.