Monday, November 21, 2011

The ABC's of Me

This ABC quilt is from ColorWiseQuilts on Etsy
I have enjoyed reading the "ABC's of Me" lists done by other bloggers*, but hesitated posting a list of my own.  Still, it looked like fun, so here goes.

A – Adventurous (but not a Risk Taker)
B – Business Owner
C – Child of God
D – Dry sense of humor
E – Encourager
F – Faithful Friend
G – Grandma/Step Grandma of nine
H – Honest
I –  Independent
J – James Wife
K – Kym
L – Listener
M – Mother of Megan and Ben
N – New Yorker
O – Optimist
P – Prayer Warrior
Q – Quilter
R – Responsible
S – Swimmer
T – Teacher (children's fellowship)
U – Uncomfortable in crowds
V – Vegetable gardener (herbs and flowers too)
W – Web Surfer
X – eXpecter of miracles
Y – Yoga Enthusiast
Z – Zest for all things crafty

I hope you will give this exercise a try too.

1 comment:

  1. Great list! And a beautiful quilt!
    I'm so glad you participated :)