Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thankful Sunday

Today, I am thankful for home.

We have been away all week enjoying a family vacation in Folly Beach, South Carolina (more about that later).  Although it is exciting to explore new places,  my husband and I are always glad to get home again.

Home doesn't have to be one place, it can be different places at different times.  Home can be a person too. I can be at home where ever I wander, as long as it is with the right person.  Most of all, I am home with my Father God Who promises to never leave me.

What do you call home?


  1. Glad you had time to get away, Kym. Your post is so peaceful. I have to agree with your definition of home. I can't say it any better!

  2. It does feel good to come home after a long vacation, doesn't it? But home is just a place if the people you love are not a part of it. Well put!

  3. Like you I'm always glad to get home again! We moved a bit when my kids were growing up and I remember my oldest daughter being asked by someone why she said she was going home for the weekend when she'd never lived in the house where her father and I were at the time. Her reply....Home is where my Mama is and where my Mama's stuff is. And how true that is! For many years home was where my Mama was and now that she's gone it's a little disconcerting sometimes. But my own home is my sanctuary, and it's where I know God hangs out because He meets me there every day. blessings, marlene

  4. It sure does feel good to be back home after an absence. I'm such a homebody. As much as I enjoy traveling, I sure do love to walk back into my front door and jump in my own bed!