Friday, August 5, 2011

The Non Quilt Challenge Results

KimsCraftyApple, who hosts Project Quilting, runs off season challenges as well.  I had the honor (and fun) of deciding on the July's challenge, which was a Non-Quilt Quilt challenge.  The entries could be anything from a bag, to a sculpture, to a wearable, anything really, as long as it was made of fabric, and was three dimensional (not flat like a quilt).  The entry also had to incorporate at least two items or textures that were not fabric.  To sweeten the challenge, I offered a fat quarter bundle of fabrics to a randomly chosen participant.

Here were the entries for the challenge:
(You may recognize the stocking )
I especially like the diaper cover that Kim made.  To see the entries up close, read about their creative process, and find out who won the fat quarter bundle, check out Kim's blog post.

Happy Sewing ♥


  1. That diaper cover is so cute! And your stocking is beautiful :)

  2. hat a great idea. I have to check out her site further. The projects are all great!

  3. Very nice! I love the stocking.

  4. Thanks for being a sponsor! I always LOVE to see what everyone comes up with and this challenge was definitely fun and inspired some great projects. Thanks to all who like my diaper cover - it was perfect for this time in my life :)