Saturday, August 6, 2011

July Round Up

Participation has dropped off in this challenge as the months have worn on, but still I am thankful for every one who has left a link of a project they have finished. 

Here are the projects I finished in July.   All holiday items to go along with my theme of Christmas in July:

These artisans also posted in July:

I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge each week, and have lots of new projects to show for it.  Hopefully participation will pick back up in the cooler months ahead.   Anyone is welcome to post their projects,  either every week, or just once.  Any type of project is welcome.  Just jump in anytime,  I love to see what everyone is up to.

Let's get busy,


  1. Great projects. Lots of distractions in the summer--it's easier to hunker in and work on projects when kids are back in school and it's cold outside.

  2. Thanks for posting my album :)
    I just realized that you were only asking for projects for the challenge! I thought it was for any project!
    I've enjoyed seeing your weekly projects :)

  3. I am happy with any project being posted MemoriesforLife. Every week is a new challenge.

  4. awww, I bet participation will pick up again after the summer. This time of year is always hard for people to keep up with things between kids being home, vacations, etc. =)

  5. I will check back for more challenges, it would be fun to join one!

  6. So crafty! I love the first doll! Fabric is not my territory. I think the challenge is fun!