Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kudos to My Husband

Thanks to him, I have a beautiful new kitchen floor.

He got the laminated flooring down in one day over New Year's weekend.
Here he is ripping up the old flooring.
 The thresholds proved more of a dilemma.  It took him awhile to figure out how to make them because the kitchen floor was now a different level than the floor it was joining up to.  He decided to make them from  oak he had on hand, cut and sanded, and then put on 3 coats of polyurethane.

They are a little higher than the average threshold, but I'm okay with that.  They look great, and so does my kitchen. 
Thanks honey!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend,


  1. Lucky you that you have a handy husband! Enjoy your new kitchen.

  2. Thats Awesome :)! It looks great!

  3. Gorgeous new floor! It's nice to have a handy man around the house!

  4. It's so pretty! I LOVE wood floors!

  5. Kym, please send your husband right over. This is what I want in my kitchen, too. The results are beautiful!