Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rolling Back Shipping Prices!

As promised, I am offering another special to celebrate my shop anniversary - and YOU benefit!  

Starting Sunday morning, and running through next Saturday, shipping prices (on most items) for the U.S. and Canada will be rolled back to $1.25  and 1.50 per item respectively.  

Some of the heavier fabric bundles and tools will not be included in this discount.  However,  as always, shipping in the U.S. for purchases of $40 or more, is free.

Here are a couple of new items in my shop to get you started:

These shipping prices pertain to sale items too, which you can see here

Happy Shopping ♥


  1. The grey/green bundle looks interesting - read that these will be popular colors this year.

  2. so unique... and your shipping rollback is great!

  3. The first & the last ones would make some lovely bags I guess :)