Wednesday, January 12, 2011

52 Week Challenge - Week 2

Hooray, we've made it to another week!

I loved seeing your finished projects from last week.  It was fun checking out your blogs, shops, and flickr accounts. Part of the fun is to encourage each other in the challenge, so please click on each others links and leave a comment.

This week I learned that self-imposed deadlines are a better motivator than deadlines set by others.  I found myself working late, getting up early, and just generally focusing more completely on this week's project once I determined to get it done.  And it was fun!

Finished Curtains

I made these quilted curtain panels for my sewing room.  The pattern is called Winding Ways, or Wheel of Mystery.  I love the interlocking circles it creates.  An unexpected surprise of the design was the way the light shines through it in the morning like stained glass.

Curtains in progress (before backing added and quilting)

If you are joining the challenge for the first time, you can learn more about it, and catch up with the previous week's here. Then just jump in, we would love to have you!

Please link a picture with Linky from your Flickr, blog, facebook, or website. See below where it says, "Click Here to Enter".  Linky will be open until next Tuesday for you to post your project.  Next Wednesday, a new week's post will go up.

I can't wait to see what you've come up with.

Let's get busy,


  1. ooh - love these! Love the piece a week project idea too. Need to see if I can unclutter the caldendar enough to play along

  2. I've been waiting all week to post this. :-) I didn't think I'd be able to do something every week, but this is week 2 - 50 to go.

  3. Oh so very pretty. I love to quilt and did many before I took up doll making full time. Seeing your beauties has inspired me to a least think about dolly quilts since I have lots of beautiful bits and pieces wanting to be put in a quilt.
    This challenge has both motivated me and given me boundaries...thanks.

  4. Your "stained glass" quilt is lovely. Thanks for sharing the photo.

  5. Your stained glass piece is a work of art, Kym! Absolutely love it. This is my first week of participation.

  6. I'm excited to have made it through 2 weeks as well! :-) Lovely items all around!

  7. That is a great quilt design!!!! I can't wait to see more of it as it comes along.

  8. I would have never thought to quilt CURTAINS. Love it! The stained glass effect is so neat.

  9. Love the curtains! Did the stained glass effect remain after backing it? My former SIL received an unfinished cathedral glass quilt and when my daughter used it as a backdrop to some photos she was doing for a class project it looked wonderful with the light coming in.

    And yes I'm participating in this challenge just have been challenged to get something posted!