Friday, April 30, 2010

A Big Congrats to the April Listing Club!

Party time!

We made it through a month of listing at least one new item a day.  Redbirdjewellery started the whole thing by inviting anyone who was interested to join her in a challenge to list something everyday in April.  Some of us have more than one shop.  Some listed multiple items every day, others were content to get in their one item, and some of us even missed a day here or there, but we made it through!  Congrats to everyone in the Listing Club!  I've posted something from each of their shops with a link you can follow if you would like to see more.








Well, that's it!  Hope you enjoyed the selections, Happy Shopping, and...

Happy Sewing♥


  1. Awesome job everyone! Lovely blog post, thank you Fabric :)

  2. And a big thank you to you! In addition to finding the time to have a new listing today you had time to choose these lovely photos from each of our shops to make a gorgeous tribute - thank you!

    I not only enjoyed the traffic and sales the challenge brought to my shop, but the new thread friends I made there - like you, thank you.

    And the creative challenge to come up with something new every day - priceless! - Donna (