Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Sloper and Yo-Yo Vest

sloper [n]: a basic pattern that follows the natural lines and represents the basic dimensions of a figure, from which all styles are based on. Also called basic pattern, block pattern, or foundation pattern.

That's the new term I learned today while searching for a free pattern to use as a base for the yo-yo vest I am working on for my littlest granddaughter.  I started the vest awhile ago, but wasn't sure if the shape of it was going to work.  I found a pattern (sloper) online.  Then I  drew a rough sketch on a brown paper bag I had cut open.  I tweaked the pattern until it looked right.  Next I lay out the yo-yo's on top of the pattern and started stitching them together.

I think it will go well with the selvage skirt also in the works.

Sure hope it fits!


  1. You are just so crafty, Kym!! This is going to be so cute!!

  2. I hope so. This Thing-A-Day Challenge is inspiring me to try things I've wanted to do for awhile and just haven't taken the time. Thanks!