Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some Things to Do with Yo-Yo's

I've been having fun listing die cut shapes like these in my fabricfascination shop:

Yo-yo's are great for many sewing and crafting projects.  This size makes a really cute yo-yo like the ones in this necklace by yoyo cottage.

 I like the way Robayre used them in her framed yo-yos

Or how about this cute headband by lovejill 

Then there is this lovely wall quilt by MoranArtandQuilts


And if you are really ambitious, you can make a whole quilt out of yoyos like this vintage one for sale in

Just a few examples of what you can do with yoyos.


  1. Yo-yo's are fabulous and those are some wonderful ideas!

  2. I love yo yo's too. Been making them for years! I have made placemats, window valance, christmas tree garland, tree shaped ornaments, flowers with buttons in ctr. and now trying to figure out the shape of a yo yo vest with black and white yo yo's