Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Joy of Handmade

As I put on some earrings this morning, I thought about how nice it was that I had met and talked with the man who had crafted them, and how special that made them to me.  The earrings are made from wood veneers, unbelievably tiny quilt blocks individually cut and carefully glued.  I love them because they are quilt related, but even more because they are handmade.

Here are a few other wonderful and unique handmade items available on Etsy.  Wouldn't someone you love enjoy one of these for Christmas instead of a mass produced something or other from Wal-mart?

How about this sweet little girl's jacket

For him, a beautifully crafted pen by DCWoodcrafts

Who doesn't love to write down their thoughts, plans, and ideas in a lovely journal?

This one is by Sue Bleiweiss


If you are looking for a cute and comfortable bag, check out this Abigail bag from my kimbuktu  shop.

Last, but not least, for the baby in your life, how about a gift they can hand down to their children.  This quilt is from Kim's Crafty Apple

 Buy handmade just for the joy of it, and say....


  1. Wow! Wonderful finds. I too enjoy buying myself and others handmade whenever I can.

    I'm honored that my quilt is included in these selections!

  2. Everything is just beautiful! Handmade gifts are truly the best!