Monday, November 23, 2009

The Golden Rule - Women Entrepreneurs Tips for Success

This is the second in a series of Tips from Successful Women Entrepeneurs.

ZudaGay has over 1,000 Etsy sales, and has had  her work included in two national magazines: 1000 Jewelry Details, and Simply Beads Magazine - August 2008.

Her shop includes many colorful and wonderfully detailed examples of her polymer clay work.  Zuda says, "Polymer clay is a wonderful medium that allows my creativity to run free. I've been working with PC for quite a while now and it still amazes me."She also enjoys sewing and painting, mainly decorative arts such as murals and faux painting.

Here is some of Zuda's best advice for running a successful business:

Find a Niche
1. It is good to find a niche. Something you can do quickly, well and with the minimum of overhead and still feed your creativity. That said, I've seen shops that have a large variety of items that do very well.

Find Your Target Customer
2. Find your target customer. My focus ended up being Jewelry designers with a secondary focus to drop in customers. Try to see what is popular and "in fashion". Do a little research every so often.

The Golden Rule
3. Most importantly, give good communication and customer service. Treat your customer well, be friendly, sympathetic about their concerns and mail their item as soon as possible. The Golden Rule - Treat others as you yourself want to be treated - is my very best advice.

You can read more about Zuda on her blog: Clay in the Hands.

I've asked several women I've met through Etsy to share some of their best tips for success.  My plan is to feature each woman separately in a blog article over the next week, and then bring their advice together in a spotlight artisan feature on my website.

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