Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Color of Light

As a child, I learned that every color in the rainbow is contained in pure white light.  That fact still amazes me.  As a quilter, light and color are extremely important in designing a successful quilt.  They work together to give contrast and balance, which are pleasing and harmonious to the eye.

I especially like high contrast quilts, scrappy quilts, and two color quilts like those pictured for these reasons.

I love the scrappy look of the custom quilt
pictured above made from African Fabrics

 I made this leaf quilt some years back, love the high contrast

You can find this purple and white beauty in QuiltedHearts5 shop

I love this scrappy quilt by OriginalsbyLauren

Use Black and White for the ultimate high contrast like 
SuzyQQuilts didwith her Dandelion Quilt

Some Online Resources for More Information on Color, Light and Contrast in Quilting:

To learn more about light and dark contrast, check out this article by Christine Mann. 

ForQuiltsSake has a nice article on using value and contrast to make a WaterColor Quilt.

QuiltBlockLibrary  has a simple little article on two color quilts and contrast.

ForeverGreen has some strategies for getting more variety and contrast in your fabric selections.

An interesting article with lots of examples can be found in Elizabeth Barton's blog post on Colour and Quilts.

Happy Quilting!

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