Monday, November 30, 2009

Clear Goals + Discipline - Women Entrepreneurs Tips for Success

 Monika from QuiltLover is the final business woman in this series.   Monika believes she has found her niche in the world of Etsy and online selling. Her quilts are all over the world in countries like Spain, Australia, Japan, and Germany. She looks forward to sending her quilts to all 4 corners of the Globe.

Monika shares the following:

My long term goals are:
1.) Create a successful long arm machine quilting business
2.) A successful Etsy Quilt Store

One Customer at a Time
For me this means developing a customer base with strong one on one personal contact, and retaining that customer by giving continued support and service.

I answer all e-mails with a cheerful demeanor, thank my Customers for their purchase (and again when I receive feedback), advise them when their package has been mailed, and then again when their order is halfway through transit.

Fair Pricing
Correct pricing takes careful calculation. The price must include your materials, your hourly wage, your fees to list and sell, and a percentage for your machinery for maintenance, needles, and so on.

Packaging is a pet peeve of mine. I hate getting my purchase, big or small, in garbage bags or recycled Jello boxes. My packaging material cost is included in my overall pricing. I use a pretty ribbon, tissue paper, a blank card for my Customer to use as they like, my business card, and their invoice, all wrapped in a new plastic bag, and then in a box.

Daily Planning
My day is planned around the Customer Quilts I have for machine quilting. While having my coffee and oatmeal in the morning, I do my internet marketing for my Etsy Store.  This includes checking on the competition, relisting items, refreshing my storefront, answering e-mails, taking care of sales, and saying hello to my fellow team mates on Quiltsy.  I am also very active in a Machine Quilter’s Forum. Between Etsy and the MQF I spend a few hours per day staying on top of the latest news. The rest of the day is spent in my Studio machine quilting, or making new Quilts for my Store.

Realistic and Attainable Goals
I usually accomplish what I set out to do. The goals I set for myself are realistic and attainable.  Because  I spend 3 weeks of every month alone with just my 3 fur babies, it is easier to get things done.

Consistent Hard Work
If I have learned anything since deciding to run my own business, it is that it requires hard work (12 to 15 hrs each day, 7 days a week).  In addition, it takes believing in yourself, dedication, persistence, perseverance, money (it takes money to make money), and most importantly a love of what you do.

Mastering Your Craft
I constantly improve my techniques, offer new designs, and use only the best materials.

You can find Monika's Longarm Quilting Services on her website.

Thank you again to Lauren from OriginalsbyLauren, Zuda from ZudaGay, Lynn from LMKQuilts, and Monika from QuiltLover for their time, and generous sharing of tips for a successful business.  I have learned something from each of them, and trust my blog readers have as well.