Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Charm Square Scrappy Binding Tutorial

Last week, I finished my Dancing Spools Quilt.  Y ou can watch a video tutorial on how to do the Bobbin quilting design here.  The pattern for the quilt will be available in my Craftsy pattern shop soon.

In this post, I will show you how to make scrappy binding from charm squares. 

My quilt is wall size - approximately 36" square.  It took 15 five inch squares (cut in half, and joined) to make it around the circumference.  If your quilt is larger, you will need more squares.    To get a rough estimate of how many charms you will need, calculate how many inches your quilt is around.  Divide this number by 5" (the length of each charm), and then divide that number in half (since you will get two lengths out of each charm). 

The calculations for my quilt are as follows:
36 x 4 = 144"
144" / 5" = 28.8
28.8 / 2 = 14.4
Rounded to 15 for the number of charms needed to bind the quilt.

Since this is a rough estimate, it is good to have a few extra charms, just in case your calculations fall short.  I actually ended up with a few charms leftover.

So here are the very simple directions for making your scrappy binding:

Leftover charm squares from the Dancing Spools project

Cut charms in 1/2 (2/2" x 5").  Here they are stacked next to my serger, ready to sew.
 You can also do this on a regular sewing machine.

Join two randomly selected strips right sides together
Join pairs with each other.  Continue joining until all strips have been sewn together.

Resulting 2 1/2" wide binding

Fold long wrong sides together and press

Scrappy double fold quilt binding ready to be sewn onto your quilt

Directions for sewing the binding onto your quilt are in The Perfect Finish Binding Tutorial I did previously.  Of course, you can use this idea to make scrappy binding from your stash as well. 

Happy Quilting ♥


  1. Scappy binding look beautiful. Thanks for sharing......Marie

  2. Hi, great idea! Thanks for sharing us ;-)
    Greetings from Italy, Emanuela