Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Block of the Month #2

Here is the second block in the Block of Month series.

This one is often called Dutchman's Puzzle.

Here are a few quilts you can make with this block.

Get a PDF file of cutting and sewing
directions for this block.

I offer this block as a pre-cut kit in my shop. These colorways are available, or you can custom order the block in any fabric you like.

Next week, I'll post a tutorial of a project you can make with two blocks.


  1. Great idea to offer a pre cut kit! I would definitely need a kit :)

  2. Awesome! I really like the pattern. It definitely has a 'puzzle' vibe to it.

  3. Cute little pattern. Looking forward to the tutorial.

  4. I just love quilt patterns! Beautiful! :-)

  5. Where are the measurements to this quilt block?