Saturday, October 18, 2014

Crafting Firsts

I've recently had several crafting "firsts."

My first time knitting socks, my first pair of fingerless mitts, my first crocheted wire necklace, my first cardigan.

I am already on the second pair of fingerless mitts, have finished a second pair of socks, and purchased the yarn I need to make another cardigan.  I may even make another crocheted wire necklace.

Aren't "firsts" fun!

Happy Crafting♥
P.S. - if you are interested, I've linked the projects to their patterns and tutorials:

Socks - Silver's Sock Class a free pattern from Kristin Bellehumeur (Join Ravelry  to access)
Fingerless Mitts - Maize, a free pattern from Tin Can Knits (Join Ravelry  to access)
Crocheted Necklace - a free video tutorial by Jewel School
Cardigan - Mama Vertebrae a paid for pattern by Kelly Brooker (Join Ravelry  to access)

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