Monday, June 2, 2014


In addition to sewing bags for my kimbuktu shop, gardening, and getting ready for our youngest grand's birthday party next weekend, I've been knitting up a storm.

A Brickless shawlette from Martina Behm is my latest finished project, and I am thrilled with it!

A number of other projects are on my needles as well.  One of the groups on Ravelry I belong to, is having a summer-long Stash Dash.  The object is to knit, crochet, weave, or spin your way through 5K of yarn between May 23 and August 7th.  That's 5486 yards of yarn!

We are keeping track of our finished projects with pictures and counters.  The counter image below shows my yarn tally so far.

I am having lots of fun choosing projects, learning new patterns, and using up yarn from my stash.

Hope you are enjoying your summertime activities!


  1. Well, I just had to come on over and pay a visit..... that brickette really is stunning!! Now whats all this about the Rav stash dash???? Is that 5 kms of yarn or 5 kgs of yarn? I'm going to have to work out how to measure what I've already used if I'm going to take sure sounds like fun!

    1. Hi Sharmayne,

      It is 5,468 yards of yarn, or 5 kilometers. Quite a goal!