Thursday, January 30, 2014

Marrying Two Loves

Although I've really been enjoying my new knitting skill, lately I've been missing sewing .... a lot.

So today, I had a few hours to craft, and decided to sew up up something which marries these two loves together - a project bag for my knitting!

This bag took only about an hour and 1/2, and would be even quicker the second time around. It is a good way to use up scraps from my sizable fabric stash too - Bonus!
I had fun using different fabrics from this collection of 10" squares

Up until now, my projects have been crammed together into a standing tote.

In case you wondered, that's my notion bag hanging off the side
 You've probably seen these, or used one. It hold's quite a lot of stuff, and is very portable for taking along to knitting night, or a weekend away.  Now, each project can be safely ensconced in it's own bag to prevent loss or accident (such as the one my husband had last weekend when he reached into the tote quickly and got jabbed by a knitting needle).

I plan on making a bunch of these, in varying sizes to hold the numerous knitting projects I have going at any one time.

Happy Sewing♥