Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thankful Sunday

Up until now, I've done my yarn shopping either online, or at a couple of the local craft stores like AC Moore and Joanne Fabrics.  This week, I made my first visit to a yarn store in my area.

It was a little intimidating when I first walked in the door because 10 - 12 pairs of eyes turned to look at me.  Right in the middle of the shop there is a living room type set up with comfy chairs and tables where needle crafters gather, chat, and work on their projects.  Of course they also have a perfect view of the front door and can check out whoever comes in.

However, the array of yarn drew me in, despite the uncomfortableness of my welcome.  Color and texture called out from both sides of the rather narrow shop. I ventured up and down touching the yarns, looking at patterns and needles, and admiring handiwork displayed on the walls. 

The clerk asked if she could help me find something.  When I explained my goal to buy fingering weight yarn for my first sweater, conversation stopped in the chatty knitting group as they listened in to hear what I would be making.  Just curious I suppose.  Knitters seem to be a friendly group in general.

Here's what I bought.
Heritage Cascade Sock Yarn Merino Wool and Nylon

When I brought my purchase to the register, the clerk asked if I would like them to wind the skein into balls.  Apparently, it is a free service the shop offers to their customers.  Of course I happily agreed.  It will save me a bunch of time doing it by hand.  And my husband will be thankful that he doesn't have to hold the skein while I wind.

Of course, I picked out several other gorgeous yarns before I left to buy the next time I visit.

I can hardly wait to start knitting with my new yarn.

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  1. How lovely....beautiful yarn! Thanks for sharing.