Monday, July 29, 2013

Feature Monday - Summer Knits

Summer Knits - it seems almost an oxymoron.  But these featured items will prove this wrong.  Check out a few of the wonderful handmade knits available on Etsy.

Dress by Gita Sprince from Gita

Gita lives in Latvia.  She began to knit and crochet doll clothes in early childhood; then  socks, scarves and sweaters, jackets and dresses for friends and adults.  She says that she puts a part of herself in each of her knitted designs.

Galina Galansky from Gala & Kardi made this dress

Galina, from Israel, offers bold, electric, fashion forward garments different from ready-made retail clothing. Only a limited number of each item is made to preserve its uniqueness.

Peggy Hugus made this original Crab Bag

Peggy Hugus started knitting at the age of 8. She loved the comforting sound the needles made as her mother clicked away creating exquisite knitted projects.  She hopes that you will enjoy her one-of-a-kind creations.

Shawl from The Work of Her Hands

Esther Stoneburner  from The Work of Her Hands  designed the pretty shawl at left with the intention of giving you excitement and confidence to go out into the world, knowing that no matter what may come your way, you look fabulous.

Infinity Wrap by Murielle Knitwear

Murielle from Murielle Knitwear makes romantic, ultra-feminine and chic luxury clothing and accessories for the modern, sophisticated girl such as this Infinity Wrap.

Made by family artisans from rRradonica

All of the works from rRradonica including the neckwwear shown, are designed and handmade by Margita, Marijana and Hristina Radonica.  They work together as a team, with Aleksandra taking care of branding, photography, promotion and customer service.

I hope that you've enjoyed seeing these summertime knits, and will visit these shops.


  1. I love the infinity wrap. So light and airy. Doesn't seem to matter WHAT the knit is, Southeast Georgia is just not summer knit friendly. :)

  2. What beautiful and unique items. I love that shawl!