Saturday, June 15, 2013

After the Rain

It has been raining for a long time, with a few days of sunshine here and there.
Some of my plants are loving it.

I am hoping the rain is over for awhile.


  1. Thank-you for visiting my blog post for Beginner's Sewing Lesson. I think you and I have the same concern for our future generations to have and know this skill. I've looked over your blog and enJOYed it very much. Hope you get some sunshine, but are still bless with rain to the point you don't have to water your plants. I'm interested in that spool quilt. It's beautiful & intriguing.

  2. Isn't everything so green and pretty after a rain? We've been getting a lot of it and more in the works for tomorrow.

    We have a vine that has gone crazy this year. Normally it only grows a couple of feet long but for some odd reason this year, it's super long! I don't know exactly how long because I have to keep guiding it to vine around our deck rails. Right now there are a bunch of flower buds and I can't wait til they bloom!