Saturday, May 18, 2013

My First Race

Twenty members of our church participated in the 2013 CDPHP Workforce Challenge held May 16th. Some on our team ran, my daughter and I walked at a fast pace most of the race, and jogged a little.

 We finished the 3.5 mile course at 14:47, not too shabby for a first race.

These are the front runners.  My daughter and I started near the back of the crowd
Over 9000 people participated in the event.  The idea behind the race is for work places and other groups to join as a team.

I love the way all the colored T-shirts look going up the hill - almost like a quilt!

Here is our group.

That's me, fifth from the left

My daughter about to cross the finish line

We had fun, and got a free T-shirt to boot!

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