Monday, May 20, 2013

Free Motion Placemat Samplers

I've enjoyed Leah Day's Free Motion designs, and recently took her Craftsy class - Free Motion Fillers Volume I.  The class suggests that you make a quilt with different fillers in 50 blocks.  Since I prefer to work on smaller sized projects, I decided to make a set of placemats instead.  

My "plan" is to make 12 placemats, with 4 designs apiece, and then a table runner using the last of the 50 designs.  No promises here, just a plan.  

Anyway, here is the first of the place mats.  I tried Sharp Stippling, Zippling, Alien Fingers, and Circuit Board. 

Upper left - Alien Fingers, upper right - Zippling, lower left - Sharp Stippling (fail), lower right - Circuit Board
The hardest by far for me was the sharp stippling. In fact, I basically failed at it.  I am so used to regular stippling that my hands would just not stop making rounded shapes. Since my family is not going to know what the block should have looked like, I am going to leave it as is.  No one but me, (and now you) is going to know that I did it wrong.

My next class might have to be Leah's newest - Volume II of Free Motion Fillers

Happy Quilting ♥


  1. There is not such word as "wrong" in creating! :)

  2. That is so nice with FMQ, you cannot go wrong, you just have your own style or better you created a new design! Very beautiful placemat!