Saturday, April 13, 2013

Voice to Text

I will admit that though I try and keep up somewhat with the latest technology, I often fall short.  So while this post may be old news to some of you reading it,  I learned something new and fun about my smart phone today.

First of all, I think texting definitely has its place in the communication world.  There are times that I just want to have a short conversation, or maybe need to say something quietly to someone at work.  In these instances, being able to text rather than talk on the phone is a distinct advantage.

However, typing on the little qwerty keyboard can be frustrating and time consuming, and then there is the dreaded auto correct!

What I learned today is that I can speak text into my phone.

See the little microphone symbol to the left of the space bar.  If I press it, I can speak short sentences, and my phone will convert it to text - Cool!

My son passed this information on to my daughter, and she told me.  Since it was new to her as well, I don't feel too out of it.  What is that they say - old dog, new tricks.  I love learning things!

What have you learned lately?


  1. WOW thanks! I just got my iphone last week and had no clue - just sent my sister a couple of text and the voice to text feature worked FAR better than my ham fisted typing ever has ;)

  2. I use this feature all the time! My husband uses it to compile grocery lists. If you have an iPhone 5, hold down that home button, and you can ask questions, such as, for example, what movies are playing locally. Your phone will do an Internet search for the answer.