Wednesday, January 16, 2013


In my part of the world, it is mid-winter - a perfect time of year for quilting, knitting, and other indoor projects.  

This week, my daughter and I finally got back to the I Spy quilt we are making for my granddaughter.  The three of us make a good team.  My daughter sews, I cut and iron, and my granddaughter matches up the center I Spy squares with fabrics that "go" with it.

We have less than twenty more blocks to piece before stitching the top together

I finished up the table runner below this week.  The hexagon center is hand pieced, and I've done some free motion quilting along the outside edges.  It was meant for the holiday season, but got shuffled behind other Christmas projects.  At least it is done now.

The scarf you see on top of the runner is coming along row by row.  It is a gift due at the end of this month, so I have a deadline to meet.

What have you been working on lately?

I've linked up with Fabric Tuesday, QuiltsyFreshly Pieced, and Sew Much Ado.


  1. Lovely bright eye spy blocks, they will look wonderful together, will keep my eyes peeled for the assembled quilt top as I am looking for some ideas for my eye spy squares. Scarf is coming along beautifully!

  2. I am fascinated with I spy quilts! I wish I had known about them before making my children their quilts!

  3. What fun to get to put the quilt together with your daughter and granddaughter :)
    The table runner looks great too. I like how you just quilted the outside edges!

  4. I LOVE the table runner. Gorgeous.

  5. Ah, team work -- what a great thing! DD and I used to quilt together when Older Grandson was a baby but now he is nearly three and has an 18 month old younger brother, DD has her hands full just chasing them around -- no time for crafty pursuits!

    Your knitting looks good.

  6. One day I will make a quilt, thank you for the inspiration! Following your blog now!

  7. I love your table runner-love those hexagons!