Monday, January 21, 2013

The 46ers: Conquering the Adirondacks

A young filmmaker from our church, Blake Cortright, is planning a video entitled The 46ers: Conquering the Adirondacks.  The 46ers are an adventurous group of people who have climbed all 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks.  My son is among those pursuing this goal.  So is Blake Cortright.

This documentary is not just about mountains or history or hiking. It is about the average people who become adventurous explorers tracking down paths hidden behind the bush. It's about the quest for something beyond everyday life.

Blake's first film features the First Encampment of the Boy Scouts which took place in New York State over 100 years ago.  This video is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and is endorsed by the Boy Scouts of America.

To learn more about The 46ers: Conquering the Adirondacks, or to become a sponsor of the project, click on the link above.

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