Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Exciting new embellishments have arrived in my shop, and will be listed over the next several weeks.  These beautiful buttons are handmade in Johannesburg, South Africa by women from the local community.  Made with a mixture of ceramic and stoneware clay, and hand painted with an assortment of glazes, the buttons are both machine washable and dry cleanable.  Add a 3 dimensional quality to quilts, handmade greeting cards, scrapbooks, picture frames, lampshades, pillow cases, and more. 
Each button is a miniature work of art

I had to get these quilt block patterned buttons!

The Incomparable Buttons Team
Ladies from the local community were hired and trained in the art of button making.  Many of the team are the sole breadwinner of their family.  Their work allows them to provide education and social upliftment for their husbands and children. The ladies sense of belonging within the company, and skills as crafters not only gives them tremendous pleasure but also provides them with economic empowerment.

Incomparable buttons are fully washable and dry cleanable. This is a first for ceramic buttons and offers sewers, knitters, crafters and clothing manufacturers a great new alternative to plastic. With embellishment becoming ever more popular, the buttons are also perfect for quilters and cross stitchers who are looking to add a unique finishing touch to their projects - as well as for many many different craft applications

A few ideas for using these unique buttons
Due to a unique manufacturing process, the buttons have exceptional strength and durability. Sew them on with confidence.

Keep your eyes on my shop for new button listings daily over the next few weeks.
 Happy Crafting ♥


  1. What a great cause and awesome buttons! I love those birds!

  2. Beautiful Buttons. Nice to meet you neighbor.