Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Treasured Tuesday

Red, White, and Blue in Celebration of July 4th!  Meet this week's featured curators.

First up is Donna of Stone Savvy Jewelry. Donna likes nothing better than that her jewelry be worn and loved.  Sometimes she designs her pieces with perfect symmetry, sometimes with reckless abandon and always with a precious stone, a rock or shell she's found, some pearls or something sparkly.  The red, white, and blue earrings at left are an example of her work.

Rose of SewEcological made the next treasury:

Rose says that she's always made all her Christmas gifts. One year it was an amateur attempt at bath salts and soaps, another it was a delectable gift basket of designer cookies, candles another. In the last few years she rediscovered her sewing machine. Since then she has been busy upcycling wearables for her shop. She also knits, see the infinity scarf at right.

Sally Manke from her shop with the same name began her sewing career at age eight when she created a pattern from newspaper then sewed my first garment on a Singer Featherweight. She earned an undergraduate degree in home economics and a masters in art. Her passion is fiber art. Sally has many beautiful quilts in her shop. I chose this patriotic one to go with the 4th of July theme this week.

I hope that you have enjoyed this 4th of July Celebration Treasury feature. Thank you ladies for including my shop in your treasuries.


  1. The patriotic items to celebrate our July 4th holiday are delightful! Wonderful color choices and beautiful, functional choices!

  2. Great treasuries! Love all the red white and blue :)

  3. All of this stuff is fabulous! I love Elvis so, I'm particularly fond of the Elvis inspiration stuff. Very cool post. I'm Sarah, I am a new follower, I've really enjoyed my visit.