Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gardening season began early this year, but seems to have disappeared of late with colder temperatures hovering around.  So far this Spring, I've planted a few flowers and done a little weeding.  However, this weekend is cold and dreary and not gardening weather at all.  I am itching to be planting seeds, watering, weeding....

Instead, I'll enjoy a little indoor gardening.  Here are some of the gardening things I found on Etsy:

Organic Heirloom Sugar Snap Peas from KenyonOrganics
Vintage Watering Can from Repurposed Style
Lily of the Valley from Edolena
Silk Painted Flower Garden Quilt from BarbaraHarmsFiberArt
Needle Felt Vegetable Kit from AnSnagBreac

Garden Harvest Apron from TumbleweedJunction
Organic Lettuce from NimbleNightCap

And, I have a new tool to play with too, an lightweight electric weed whacker,  just the perfect size for me.  

Hurry up gardening weather!


  1. Our temps have cooled off as well! I hope everything survives the frost warnings!
    Great features :)

  2. Lovely collection! Hope your garden grows well! Thanks for including my felting kit!