Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Treasured Tuesday

Last week's treasuries were all about bright color. This week's treasuries are still filled with rich color, but in subtler hues.

Donna of Skeindalous makes hand dyed yarn like the rosy skein included here.

Her treasury is all about sewing, a subject near and dear to me.

Pamela Bates of BatesMerchantileCo offers original art prints, printables and a selection of Vintage in her shop.

She curated this darkly lovely treasury with an interesting title. I am not a Scotch drinker, but it was my grandfather's favorite.

Caitlin Sainio from her shop by the same name, added some of my fabric to her leafy green treasury.

Caitlin offers crochet ornaments,appliques, doilies, wall hangings, and crochet-imprinted note cards.
Emily Thomson of Coyote Marmalade offers Vintage Clothing, Accessories, and Housewares in her shop like the vintage bathing suit pictured. I think I would like a suit like this.

Here is the warm treasury she curated.

Francesclements has quirky,whimsical ink blot art in her Etsy shop.

She made this tasty looking treasury.

Thank you ladies for including me in your wonderful treasuries. 


  1. Great treasuries! I think everyone has Spring on their minds :)

  2. Gorgeous treasuries, and gorgeous shops! Thanks so much for including me -- it's an honor to be in such beautiful company. =)


  3. Kym, thanks for getting my day off to a good start. How wonderful to be featured on Fabric Fascination! I've shared on facebook. It's funny, I'm not a scotch girl either, but made this while thinking of my godfather who I just lost. Guess he and your grandfather had something in common!

  4. that is unusual, that all the colors were subdued this week, but not last week! The bathing suit is adorable. And I like Pamela's prints! {:-D

  5. Thank you for including my shop. There are some great treasuries here.

  6. Thanks so much for the include!! What a lovely compilation!

  7. Thanks so much for promoting me and my treasury. All of the treasuries are great! It is nice to be in such good company.

  8. Gorgeous treasuries! Congrats on all of the features. I love the mix of colors here.

    Link up your treasury post!

  9. Such pretty treasuries... I love the green one!

  10. I love all of these treasuries!