Monday, March 12, 2012

Customer Appreciation

The intrepid Rose  of  SewEcological has come up with two more fabulous designs using fabrics she purchased from my shop.

The first is a lightweight cotton shawl Pashmina wrap, now available for sale in her shop.  The pom poms on the edge are a perfect finish to this festive wrap, don't you think?  Rose used Stitch in Color fabric by Malka Dubrawsky.
The second creation is a cotton infinity scarf using fabric from Jason Yenter's Camelot collection.

Thanks so much for sharing your work Rose.


  1. Rose did a beautiful job with the infinity pretty and very stylish.


  2. Joining you from the Etsy blog team! I LOVE the first one...color brings the world to life.

    Join us at our blog:

  3. Of course I prefer to the first one with the bright colors, but they are both gorgeous! It's awesome that you got to see this beautiful creations from one of your customers.

  4. These are really great! Rose made 2 lovely items and how fun that you get to see them!

  5. Beautiful! I'm sure they loved working with your fabrics!

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