Monday, January 16, 2012

The Fabric I Keep

As you might guess, I own a fabric store because I love fabric, hence the name - Fabric Fascination.  The first 8 inches of a new bolt of fabric is always mine. First I trim off the selvage edge, and save it in my selvage scrap bag for future projects.  If you like selvages, here is a whole blog about using them.  Next I cut a 3 1/2" piece, and subcut it into  3 1/2" squares.  When I have a big enough stack of them, I sell them in my shop as charm squares.

The remainder of the first cut goes into a large plastic bin of fabric waiting to be used in scrappy projects like this 1000 pyramid quilt.

Happy Sewing ♥

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  1. I never knew what the ends of fabric were called! It's interesting to see what people do with their "extras."

  2. I had so much fabric in my stash when I was making quilts I had a fabric yard sale and make a couple thousand dollars selling it dirt cheap. I guess I should have thought to do an online fabric shop...but as you noticed I love, love , love doll making. Now my stash is in 1/2 yards of dolly clothes material. I, like you, have a fascination for fabric and still have way more than I need. I eventually will add doll quilts to my repertoire but need to energy to pull that off.

  3.'s as if you always have a record of all the fabric you've ever bought.

  4. Love your scrappy quilt. My dream retirement job would be cutting fabric in a fabric shop. I could get my fabric fix fondling fabric all day, and go home all inspired to make things with my stash.