Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Treasured Tuesday

Treasuries are fun, both to make and to look at. They remind me of quilts in the way that they are laid out in rows and columns, and in the way that the individual items colors and designs blend to make up a more beautiful whole. 

Here are some of the lovely treasuries my shop has been included in recently, and a little about the curators who made them.

First up is a husband and wife team from TinyGoatStudios.  This is the Tangerine beauty they made:

This couple from Seattle, Washington makes bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces like the one pictured below. They also like little goats (hence their shop name).

Hot Pink Flower Necklace, Resin Flower Necklace on Hot Pink Background

"A Little Something for the Holidays" was curated by another husband and wife shop in Wisconsin - CircleANaturals. They offer natural and organic bed and bath products, as well as antiques, gemstones, and greeting cards with scenes of their life on a farm.

Making Hay Photo Card

Here is the festive treasury they made:

Pam Peterson from CocobytheLake made this pretty treasury:

Pam has been creating quilts, and doing long arm quilting since 2002. Each quilt is her own original design, or a unique interpretation of an existing quilt design, and all are custom quilted by her. Her shop offers 3D kaleidoscope ornaments, art quilts, and gorgeous bed quilts like the one pictured below.

Red and Purple Stars All Around

The last treasury for this Tuesday is from 3Pearls who loves to draw, paint, sew, bead, collage, embroider, quilt, knit and crochet. She says that she tends to get a little obsessed with whatever her current medium is. Her shop has unique handmade jewelry like the beautiful bracelet pictured. 

Crocheted Bead Bracelet

Here is the treasury she curated:

If you see something that you like in any of these treasuries, just click on the picture to take you to the shop.

Thank you to all four shops for including something of mine in their wonderful treasuries.


  1. Those are all lovely Treasuries! I love the Tangerine ones since a shot of color is wonderful this time of year! Congrats and TFS

  2. Wow - beautiful treasuries. I love Barcelona Boy

  3. Thanks so much for the feature! I haven't blogged in months. Perhaps because I'm always on etsy :D I've thought of blogging about my adventures on etsy. This post is giving me inspiration to do that!

  4. BTW, I'm mama goat of TinyGoatStudios :D

    BTW2, I like the other treasuries you've included as well! I like the combo of the tango pics that give extra meaning to the title "Tangerine Tango"!

  5. Great Blog post! Thanks bunches for the feature :)