Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Treasured Tuesday

This first treasury is made by Julie Thurston, a member of the Top Treasury Team. Julie has a buyer only account on Etsy. Thank you for including me in your beautiful treasury Julie.

Notforeat is from Rome, Italy. She learned to knit and to crochet when she was young and this passion has remained in her. She likes knitting with original and new wool and yarn, mostly Italian. All her creations are handmade with passion and attention to detail, like the bag pictured below.

Jerimi Paul-Burnside from ThreeCat works in a vets office and is going to vet tech school, with an emphasis in behavior therapy. In addition to making handmade cat toys like the kitty kickstick below, Jerimi designs websites. You can see both for sale in her Etsy shop.

Julia Rubio, from her shop by the same name, is from Barcelona, Spain.  She loves to transform felt, zippers, crayons to make jewelry like the crayon brooch pictured. You will find many more unique and wonderful accessories in her shop.

Thank you all for including me in your lovely treasuries.


  1. Peace on Earth is so dreamy! I love the colors and I love the curators upcycled brooch!

  2. Groovy keen treasuries and artists! I love when buyers do treasuries. It shows that they truly appreciate the work of the etsy artists.

  3. Lovely Treasuries!! I especially like Bamboo Dreams, I like the colors and the strong vertical lines. TFS!!

  4. All beautiful, I especially love the Peace on Earth treasury! Great items all the way around.

    Again, I really like that you feature the curator's work as well. I also think it's great when buyers curate treasuries too!! :)

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  6. Special treasuries!!!!

    Great work!!!! Thank you!!!

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